Madeleine’s Own Special Blend

We love tea. We love it so much we’ve developed our own special blend of Earl Grey, Vanilla Black and Organic Rosebuds as a refreshing accompaniment to our delicious cakes. Perfect for any time of the day.

Classic Earl Grey

A traditional Earl Grey made from Chinese black tea, blended with bergamot oil and studded with pretty blue cornflowers. This classic afternoon tea is lively and fresh.

Traditional English Breakfast

The UK’s favourite tea made from the wiry tea leaves of Assam, Yunnan black, Ceylon black and Rwandan black. Add a splash of milk for a classic cuppa.

Vanilla Black

A classic tea blend made from organic Indian black tea and Chinese Yunnan black tea, and blended with Madagascan vanilla. Deep and sensuous, this blend makes the perfect afternoon tea.

Chocolate Tea

A luxurious blend of Indian Assam, Chinese Yunnan black, organic Madagascan vanilla pod and Peruvian cocoa nibs. This tea is deep, rich and velvety. A perfect afternoon tea.

Organic Rosebuds

A deliciously fragrant herbal tea that’s naturally caffeine free. Made with whole rosebuds reminiscent of the rose flavour of Turkish Delight.

Triple Mint

If you're looking for the best mint tea in the world then this is it. A combination of wild Jordanian mint, British black peppermint and water mint together give an incredible depth and a clean, bright flavour.

Lemongrass and Ginger

A blend of warming, slightly spicy ginger and cooling, zesty lemongrass with a hint of liquorice root that adds a sweet, subtle finish. Naturally caffeine-free, this tea is perfect to drink any time of the day or night.

Jasmine Pearls

One of the finest jasmine teas in the UK made with hand-rolled young green tea buds suffused with fresh jasmine blossoms in the traditionaln way. Naturally fragrant, smooth, and delicious.

English Summer Garden

A fragrant floral combination of rose, strawberry leaf, lemon verbena, calendula, blue cornflowers and a hint of spearmint. This herbal blend is a taste of English summer garden in a teacup.

Jade Tips Green Tea

A high-quality green tea that’s clean and refreshing with a long lasting, pleasingly sweet aftertaste. This is asuperb everyday, easy-drinking green tea.

Mi Lan Dan Cong – Honey Oolong

Dan Cong is the champagne of Oolong tea, ripe with intense fruit and sweetness. The tender leaves are fermented and baked to produce a rich liquor bursting with peach, lychee, honey and orchid flavours.

Golden Dragon Flowering Tea

A beautiful explosion of colour and fragrance this flowering tea is made from Mao Feng green tea tied around a large chrysanthemum, cradled beneath jasmine blossom and globe amaranth. Served in a glass teapot so you can see the drama unfolding.


Whole flowerheads of the chamomile produce a bright, aromatic and full-flavoured tea. The herb has been used for thousands of years for medicinal purposes. Delicious to drink anytime of day but with the benefit of being naturally soothing and relaxing.